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vineri, 11 iunie 2010

Repair your Xbox 360 3 red light from home

 Hellow everbody
I gest want too tell you about a program (more like a collections of videos) where you learn too repair your XBOX 360 gest by the confort of your home.
Let`s see who doesn`t have a such thing?I`m shure that allmost everyone and I am pretty shure that we all had problems with the RING OF DEATH.Shure that I`ve tried different tools and programs too make`t work but not a chance.One day I search for a special thing(I don`t now exactly) and I found this one and you now what? In 2 hours my XBOX 360 was ready for another game.I was surprised of course who can imagine that whith my non-experience I was capable too fix it!

However, I don't expect you to believe me until you see even more proof. Now I can`t give you my XBOX but I can assure you tht works!

Here's what this guide takes care of...
  •      Freeze ups – You got to hate when your hours into your game and bam, the stupid game freezes up on you? This  unique guide fix takes care of this problem too. 
  • Distorted Graphics – I'm sure you've seen your graphics get all choppy when you’re playing a game that has mad action. With 3 Red Light Fix Pro you'll notice a better performing xbox 360 with smoother frame rates!
  • 2 Red Lights – Don’t worry about the 2 red lights. 3 Red Light Fix Pro BAKER BAKER MOD Fixes this problem at its core so you never see the 2 red lights again!
  • And the annoying E74 Error – This problem also stems from the GPU and the motherboard. Yep, If you have the E74 error, NO need to worry. This  fix will tackle this problem so your XBOX 360 never sees the wicked red light again!         


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